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Monday, September 3, 2012

All about TOTO

This is crazy but here's my soul mate
So call her Toto.
She's my doll from Taiwan.
Bought her back at a eye-lashes shop
that sells knitted cap , souvenirs and of cause
fake eye lashes.
I kinda bring her everywhere
whenever i bring gucci out.
But because of people will think
that i'm crazy for bringing her out
then i will not take pic of her.

 Cute little pink ribbon yea
 Toto is messy like me. lol
 i love music
her hobby is camwhore too !
 Editing pictures to make herself look more better.
 Sometimes she hates to drive.
 Oh yes she does like fb like 24/7 !
 And camwhore again
 Toto and me are exactly the same.
We share everything together.
btw i'm normal

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