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Sunday, September 2, 2012

TWG pavilion

Miss out a date with my gf caroline
You know la when u reach home and
you got tired and lazy
that's when u don' wanna go out.
Another thing is i don like to wait.
Sorry , let's hang out next time :D 

Back to topic.
Went to dyed my hair
than TWG pavilion
Latest trending luxury tea cafe.

 There were so many choices of tea for us to choose.

 They called this croissants.
This abnormal shape of it.
With choco filling
Prefer normal baker's shop one.
Not worth it.
There were out of desserts that day.
We wanted to order creme brulee
 Our rose tea in this glass pot.
This tea pot cost a boom !
Greetings from TOTO
Bye !

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