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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Important for me

This post is for me to read back next time.

1. Spend your money wisely seriously.

Regretted what i had spent on what things i don't need.
Now i needed money for important stuff.
Seeing a lot of useless stuff on my table now are fucking frustrating !
You see 5/10 stuff on my table now are not usable for me.
Most of them are too show off / take picture.
What for ??? I really can't answer that question myself.
Whenever i see nice things i would just BUY !
Never think that oh this month bank acc still zero figure.
I never think of that before and now i regret.
I so wanna sell off all my apparels and cosmetics and etc.

2. Don't spend too much on luxury food. 

I think i really need to cut off my food expenses.
Limit myself how much per month.
I think food/drinks are the main thing that i lose all my money on.

Thirdly and most important !


It's not easy seriously.
If u want good pay u gotta make more commitment.
Want to have a good pay but don wanna work ?
Don't dream ok !
This is reality not fantasy land.
And whatever i work as i won't betray myself !

Don't ever say that i work at my mum's shop , there's no stress.
It's stressful then u think it would be.
U donno what kind of people i deal with.

The reason why i'm looking for freelance to do lately.
NEED money for future.

So many jobs turn me down and i donno why
Just wish me luck.

Been very sad lately. bye

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