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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plan B @ publika

Last month , my sweetie caroline and me went for brunch at Plan B , Publika. Been wanted to try EGG BENEDICT since i watched masterchef season 3 ! whathefuck. I've tried midvalley's newly open Plan B before that but since it's new , they only served soup and sandwiches ! waste my time but no ! not at all , eventually there were 50% off for the total bill ! SUCH A GREAT DEAL ! where to find ?? lol . i should have ordered more ! Soups and cakes ! dafuq !!

Anyway don't read wrongly , the one i'm writing now is at Publika and i think the 50% off bill are already finish ! so don't dream ! 

 Salad at RM16-RM20
A generous amount of cheese.
Not bad 
 MY EGG Benedict
Perfectly cooked !
I like the egg yolk
But i can't finish everything-.-
Forget what it called
 yes look at the delightful egg yolk
but until this portion i ate
Really damn full
 Walk around than toilet camwhore.
Nice toilet right ?
 She said that she's an owl

Ok and i acted cute 

After my date with my love in the afternoon , i attended my bf's wedding at Cheras-Ampang. A bit tiring. But glad to meet his friends after 3 long years. DAFUQ 
Because my bf say it's far for him to bring me out !!!!!!! Because he need to fetch me to ampang than fetch me back my house puchong. WTF ! Nice right my shitty holly wtf bf !
 freaking love RED lips.
But why !? why not suitable for me ?
Gonna find black red next time !
 Kin > Me > Ebel & Esther
All so pretty :))
 Wardy !
Last but not least the married couple !
Jetta & Ian
Congratulations again !

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