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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shir li's Wedding Dinner.

Yea i know i neglected my blog for a week
due to my busy lazy this week.
Din't blog walking for a week cause
someone at LYN said im a blogwhore
cause (long story)
Than NN changed my status to ordinary member last week,
Sien jor lor.. thats why i din't b.w. for a week.
But after 4 days they changed me back to glitterati.

Tuesday, attended my secondary schoolmate's
wedding dinner.
First wedding dinner from friends !
Gan jiong !
We were like gathering only.
Had fun with them that night ~
Miss them ~
Don't need to tell u all
also know why that early marry la..
Hello we are like nineteen ?
And we are not from rural areas lor.

All my babes getting prettier than ever !

Mask sin.
This week make up 3 times d.
Icity (yesterday) and tmr
Birthday party !
Stay tune !
Night peeps ~

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  1. Sarah, tagged you for 8th photo of 8th album. Have fun!