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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Actually i wanna make this post private.
but it's too complicated and hassle to make it.
From here, been googling for some time.
cause idk how to do it.
Found here but haven try yet.
And i do not have anything serious to write.
Just some major things happen just now.

I wanna know which girl won't become
sulk after her bf din't text her whole day.
With just 2 call can go through the whole day ?
I might be thinking too much but
have u ever think about how worry am i ?
Some more what you yelled at me just now
i will remember forever !
You make me wanna cry on spot just now.
I could't forget about it.
Is this what your friend teach ?
Cause i saw it the other day on his post.
Exactly what you say just now.
Maybe yea cause u hang out with him lately.
Yea whatsoever.
My heart scattered on the floor
like pieces of paper.
FYI do you know that i only ate
half pack of nasi lemak today ?

Always say that im fat.
Ask me to lose weight
but on the other hand ask me to
eat fast food.

What you promise you dint do.
What i told u , all u forget !
Like the 1st year anniversary,
we discussed where to have dinner
but u totally forgotten !
Disappointed !
Makes me think of im not important to u!

What i do you will oppose.
What you do i need to listen.
You make me so tired.
*he find me four times a week.
Yes i know he's good compare to others
I'm tired and you make me wanna
I got no strength, i still need to work tmr.
And continue the diet plan.
And continue the paper works
and some stingy customer.
Tomorrow my parents are coming back.
Miss them so much.
My sis's playing a very sad mandarin song.
makes me wanna cry ! wtf

I don't care u are saying that
im complaining too much.
I just want you to know that
this is my blog.
I want to complain you is my choice.

Good night


  1. hye..sarah..u felt d way i feel too..
    been quarrel with bf ..
    hurt and feel blue=(

    i found a easy way to lock d post lyk my latest post..i using tiz~

  2. photo taken after crying?
    btw, go play games :p

  3. Mandy : yeaa.. i hate this feeling..
    i'll it later on ~ thanks btw :)

    Shazwan : nope.. its the other day :)
    Games ? why ?

  4. games lah..coz u'll forget everything if u gaming :p
    that's work on me, at least :)

  5. baby dont be so sad.. things take time.. im always here.. :)

  6. chill~maybe he just moody as u
    take care babe! <3

  7. Shazwan : games might not work for me :(
    Ryan : trying too ...
    Annie :) Thanks so much :) hearts u ~
    Carol : Hope so ~ you too babe :)

  8. jz go find new bf lorr...dat u feel u deserve to be wf and deserve to be treated wf