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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunway 290710

Just settled down everything.
Today is my off day.
Normally i off on either Saturday or Sunday.
Seeing that my parents is going to Thailand
tomorrow so, i off today.
Went out with my prettie babe Annie :)
So long din't out with her.
It's just Annie & me.
Jia Hui babe not free.
Reached there around 12pm.
Sunway's parking is always full !
We drove up to CP5 to park our cars.
Then walked around to see what to eat.
Don know what to eat.
Think this and that.
Finally we ate at Pasta Zanmai.
No pictures *.*
After that we start to shop ~
I din't buy much.
Just a T-shirt from F block &
a bra from La Senza :) Damn comfy lor.
Saw a pair of heels at Charles & Keith.
Very very nice.
But the price is little too over for me.
Cost around RM185.
But i think i'll get you soon.
When your price drop.
Walked around to find a belt for me.
I'm too effing fat.
Wear which type also not nice.
Around 4.30pm we went to Starbucks.
I ordered green tea cream.
Nice but i think it's too sweet.
After that, J.Co.
Annie get some doughnuts & had it there.
Luckily they din't kick me out
cause bring outside drinks.
5something went back home.
So tireeeeeeeeeeeeed !
But i still got strength to camwhore.
But mostly all also not nice or special.
I wanna change profile pic.
Changed but not nice enough.
Wanna watch SALT !
HCKW when can watch ???

Thinking which to choose ~
Will blog about
teen smoking with school uniform on
and in front of school.
Stay tune ~


  1. that's d new bra? :p
    btw, go watch SALT.. menarik :)

  2. nope :)
    yea.. sooon ~
    u watch d ? so fast

  3. I love the Soft shell crab pasta with sesame sauce at Pasta zanmai. :D

  4. :))
    and dont forget to watch inception too!
    superb one!