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Thursday, July 22, 2010

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TIRED of the effing slow line !!
There are 4 computers 2 laptops in my house.
And we're sharing one line (donno hw many gb)
If im not wrong, 2com & 1lap used for dw movies.
1com used to play game.
And my com is the most pity one!
Cause i do not dw movies & play games.
I only used it to watch some clips,
Restaurant city & Blog !
The line never goes smooth even in the morning
cause they dw movies whole day !
I want them to upgrade to greater one !!! please

I'm sorry that i throw my bloggie
without any updates for several weeks.
I'm back with a little updates.
Why ?
Cause im busy lazy !
There's some outings !
Start from the latest one ~
Yesterday was my mum birthday
Happy birthday mummy ~
Went to Tenji for dinner.
I like the environment there :)
Various food to eat ~ yummy.
I like the kindori ice-cream.
Interesting way to make it.

Last Sunday went out with my dearest Jia Hui
Love her :)
At Sunway ~
Bought so many clothes that i never think of.
I can't get enough of it !
Wanna get some more ~
When wanna shop again huh Jia hui babe ~

Last Saturday went to Bon odori with bf.
Walk damn far to get there.
And it was so damn crowded !
I saw Datuk Nicole David too :)

I city ~
Donno when
To celebrate my babe Jiaxin birthday :)
Very very very nice place ~

Oh yea.
Please do read my blog before asking me question
where the answer is given there.
I'll start to blog walk soon
Tata ~

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