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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm Bored !
That's why i'm here.
I actually very lazy to update.
And i'm here to update shits.
My bf went for futsal.
Actually he should be with me now.
Cause we usually meet up on Tuesday.
But his friends ask him for futsal.
And how could i stop him from doing that ?
I could't be that selfish
and its just one day.

Than i skip dinner.
cause im lazy to tapau.
why my mum dint cook ?
Cause my grandma drink a thing called radioactive
thingy to kill her 'tai keng bao' sickness.
So not going to cook in 10days.
Eat outside food jer.
So good cause no need wash plates.
And no need to cook.
I sometimes cook for them too.
I'm darn lazy to do that.
That's why im darn FAT !
Than , i plan to make strawberry sorbet
which i learned from Youtube.
Guess what ?
I failed !
Turns out to be strawberry juice.
Maybe because the strawberry were not frozen ones.
Try again next time la..

I have been waiting for Annie's text from afternoon till now.
Don know why she haven reply me ==
I planned to go shopping with her tmr.
I think its not going to happen jor
Jia hui not going cause got test & ass :(
They are my shopping partners :P
Although its been so long i dint shop with Annie.
Last time i usually shop with them ~
Miss those moment ~

Why shop on tmr ?
Cause i left only tmr and thursday to rest.
Actually my rest day is on Saturday or Sunday
but thn my parents are going to Thailand on Friday
so if i'm not resting tmr or thurs,
i need to wait one more week.
I don't want tooooo.
I miss shopping. Damn = =

Bored dou.
I took pictures of these = =
All from Cotton On ~
Fos ~
Seed's purse .
Damn, this purse is more expensive than
the seed bag i bought.
Why ?
Cause it's made from leather.
But not my money also XD
It's my first year anniversary present from my bf~
Thanks ~
Love u
Seed's bag.
Jia Hui and me bought the same thing ~
Find one day we use it together ~
Shorts from F Block & Kitschen ~
Damn i love this Kitschen short!
So damn comfy la !!
My heart so pain after i bought them
Why ?
Cause i bought them before MEGA SALES
Just one week before it !!
But i think the prices won't be much diff huh ?
So wanna buy again ~
I wanna get stuff for the Redang's trip too.

I seldom shop.
I does't like to buy things separately.
Like this week buy tops,
next week shoes and so on.
Makes me piss off.
I rather save my money till enough
and buy all the stuff together.
Frankly i earn 500 from my parents a month
including fuel & food & roof.
So lil huh ? i think thats kinda good.
One month got 500bucks to keep.
Sometimes i'll earn more if they go out for trips.
I'm working for them at their shop.

I'm like a mud huh ?
I'm still doing nothing for my future.
I'm not going to tell you what i'm currently doing now
until i'm succeed with it.
Cause i scare i'll fail again like B. Add
So please don't ask me !
Maybe you will know it through my twitter :)

I seriously very boring now.
I read all my fav blogs d.
Not much updates from them.
Seriously i also don know why i love to read your blogs.
All of them i also don know.
Not my friends or what what.
Just pass by and im interested on their blog.
I'll stalk them whenever im free.
Hope you all don't mind = =
Lame huh.

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