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Monday, August 9, 2010


So long din't out with my sis.
Went to & Ts.
Ate korean food at sg. wang.
The price is cheap and reasonable.
Located at 6th floor.
RM4.00 each.
I can said it taste like pop.
Just that the contains lots of gas.
Mine donno what tofu.
RM14.90 per set.
Nice but i don't eat taufu.
Why i ordered taufu ?
because the soup is too hot
i can't really taste the taufu.
Tried this twice :)

Cheese rice.
nice on top
sucks underneath.
Beef sushi
Nice :)

Went to TS after buying cosmetics at SASA
Walk around and while waiting for my bf to fetch.
My sis had doughnuts & soda at krispy kream.
After that went to Express Soup.
Wanted to try this so long ago
Finally i tried it.
Combo 2 RM12.90 (if im not wrong)
Mushroom soup with chicken & cheese croissant.
The Croissant bread still okay.
The soup 2/5
The bread ....... ewwwwwwww
Tasted so bad till idk hw to describe !

Fetched me around 530.
We went to Taipei walker to have our early dinner.
Tired !

i never face a sales consultant that could say so many stuff.
This that promote to me.
She's really good on promoting stuff.
Her name is Stilly. cute name. lols

Wanted to redeem the free give but
unfortunately they said out of stock.
A complimentary facial service.
Plan to give it to my mum.
If she don't want than im going to use it.
Will do some review after i use the product that i bought.

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