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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Victoria Station 100810

Went to Victoria Station yesterday
to have our romantic dinner :P
♥♥♥Celebrate 1st year anniversary
At Damansara.
First time eat.
Love their Escargots.

Sugar, Salt & Pepper.
We ordered a bottle of 'halal' sparkling juice.
Which cost him RM49.90 per bottle.
one word . Nice .
Not too sweet for me.
A bread served after we ordered our food.
Salad for dear's Tbone Steak.
Appetizer, half dozen of escargots.
Damn nice !!
Love it so much.
Craving for it now :P
The taste is totally different from those
served at Shogun.
Shogun's cheese baked escargots sucks my tongue.
Soup, Lobster Bisque
Not nice for me & him.
Dear's Tbone Steak.
He asked for medium cooked
but they cooked half medium and half fully cooked.
What's wrong with the kitchen ?
OR T bone is cooked that way ?
Mine Salmon & Fillet Steak.
Medium cooked.
Nice douuuu.
love the sauce.
Hate the potatoes.
My dear.
Look so emo.

The service is good 5/5
Service not good can 'chap lap'
Service charge we pay
but get lousy service ?
10% out of our bill.
Food : mine 4/5
Ambiance : 3.5/5

Had a great night with him.
Thanks for the lovely dinner dear.
Love you :)

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