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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yeaaapi :)))
I bought TX5 !
Finally i won :P from the debate about buying it
with my bf.
Now i doesn't need to hassle to bring
DSLR here and there
cause it's so heavy.
I can bring my pinkieee maar.
Don't worry D500 i'll still love you !!
Bought pinkiee during Sony fair at
Midvalley on Sunday.
free sony authentic case & 8gb memory card.
So happy cause i got it
but so down cause my precious RM1299
just gone like that :P
I saved it from January till now.
I bought it with my own money not my parent's money.
They don't even wanna sponsor me 1 sen !

Still haven't update about last week's life.
I'm very busy since i get this
Plants & Zombies game from my bf.
It's So Fun !
Make me neglect my blog.
Gonna finish that game only will reply
and update more.
I think this few days will finish that game.
Or maybe tonight i will finish it !

Stay tuned :)

*All pictures taken by D500*


  1. eee, u play plants vs zombie??
    i play it too till final stage, hehe

  2. yeaa .. i just finish killing the king :)
    left mini games for me to play :P
    nice game thou

  3. this post was toooo bright~!!haha...envy of u~