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Monday, August 2, 2010


Another month past.
Welcome to August.
I have been anticipate this month to
come since March.
Because i'm going to Redang end of the month :)))
With family ~

I want to thank you to my beloved babes & readers.
Thanks for your concern about me :)
Glad to know that there are people who cares me.
lol :P

This purse that my bf
bought for me as 1st year anniversary.
I wanna say that
this purse cost around RM120 - -
So please don't say that's cheap
like pasar malam's product
because i'll heartache.
So many people said so to me.

Don't tell me it's night market product
or else my face will become black like this pic
= =
My nose looked so big !
I want a nose job ahhhh :P jk
It's so biggggggggg
i wanna dieeeeeeeeeeee
Next week is my 1st year anniversary with my bf.
Where to have our dinner is a problem.
I don know where to eat.
I wanna eat western food.
Nice & quiet place :)
Anyone wanna suggest please comment me :)
Thanks for reading ~


  1. Hey!
    thanks for dropping by~
    waa damn alot of pictures of yourself..
    i need to camwhore more...
    so nice got bf buy things for you

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment. Well, I hope they keep up their service. Btw, very nice blog.

  3. Justin : haha.. i love to camwhore :P
    yeaaa. buy for your gf too . i bet she would be very happy for it :)

    Timothy : Like your blog too :) thanks ~

    Azli : hmmmmmmm