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Monday, August 9, 2010

080810 night

Fat ass me !
My eyes getting smaller
my cheeks getting larger.

Last post before night.
I love to think further thoughts.
like thinking what to do when im off.
what should we have
and most of the stuff about food larh !
Waiting for next month to come.
Cause gonna out with my babes
Hope can succeed.
Cause i like the green environment there.
looks nice and comfy :)
(not going to tell where until i visit there)
Then i want to
Dye hair maybe :)
looking for cheap saloons.
Hair cut.. maybe..

This month i used lots of money.
Wanted to get TX5 but
someone keep on opposing it.
Or maybe DMC-FT1
not bad too.
The function and picture quality
is better than TX5.
Read from reviews of user.
But TX5 is more stylish and trendy.
The price is the main problem = =
Lumix's cost around RM800
Sony's around RM1300
RM500 gap.
TEach me people.
HOW ???
or choose the cheapest one
from Olmypus Mju-550
Cost around RM500.
Which one ??
Give me some ideas people

Thanks for reading :)


  1. dslr i got d..
    i need a waterproof camera for redang's trip :)

  2. owh..d500?
    my roomate got one waterproff compact camera, but i forgot wat brand haha

    how's d d500? a300 superb! XD