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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Genting :D

Just come back from Genting :D
My eyes so sore :(
Ate Dim Sum before we head to Genting.
Than reached there ,
Starbucks time.
After that we went to the temple
where you will pass by during the journey.
Let pictures do the talking.


With panaroma function.
Edited the color.

Like this :)
Taken by my bf ~

my stuff :P

Rocky Road . RM10.50
not really nice.


Best Herbal Egg ever !
Got 2 flavor.
-Normal & Bak kut teh.
Bak kut teh Nice !!! RM1.30 each
You can find it at the temple there.
So yummy i could eat many.
The only Herbal egg i will eat.


  1. Thanks! The temple looks nice and got kind of harmony feeling when looking at it..haaha, next time know where to go when going to Genting le

  2. hey there :)

    thnks for visiting my blog, u have a great one here

    n the pictures are nice!!!