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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Annie's birthday 151010

It's her birthday ,
Went to Telok Gong for Seafood ,
Four of us again :D
Annie babe , Q (her bf) , me & my bf.
After the Seafood fiesta ,
guess where we went.

Her pressie :D
I made a card for her too.
Fucking childish .. so i don wanna show.
This ribbon i wrap geh ..
i donno how to use that ribbon - -
Simply ...
I love coconut ~
Taufu ~

Actually still got other dishes ,
Lazy to upload

After dinner ,
suddenly said go Genting *.*
I think it's meeeee !
Not first time , 2nd time.
1st time more shock !
Around 11pm go up
and around 3am reached home.
Simply awesome :D
Take picture like we always do ~
Mua's javachips
Luckily , that guy let us redeem the pointssss
They wanna close d ,that time.
I told him that we are going back later.
He keep quiet and i stand there
Than , he ask another to stand the entrance
to don't let others in
and said this is the last one.
Well i thanked him :D
Although i know he not 'xong' d.
Fast Fast redeem some sort of stuff we got.
So yeaaa , it's this cow and a pen.
All give it to Annie ~
Her birthday mar :)

She & Q
Me & her.
Without make up.
Pale 4 .
Fucking ugly .. i know
But i Likey !!
End of this post
i know it's boring
Thanks for reading.
And see you guys tmr
at the curve for You again movie :D
Good night ~

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