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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tony Roma @ sunway

Hello Readers.
I promise that i will update my blog frequently.
Because i got no more class until next year.
Thats so oOo-ing boring lor.
But exams are coming.
One on 181110
Second one on December.
And and I might be going to the gym
starting this week.
Hope i will make it :P

Tony Roma
Complimentary bread
Starter , cheesy potato skin.
I like the sauce that they created.
But the its a lil too salty.
I love this :D
Beef ribs.
Very crunchy.
3 person bill with 10% discount.

Went to Sunway's Tony Roma
to have our late lunch.
For the first time ,
i had the most expensive meal
with my friends :O
But worth it la.
That day was Sunday.
And i don know why the hell
Sunway so freaking crowded.
And i spent 1/2 hour ,
to find a parking.
After lunch , we went to Popular.
1st time spend almost
2 hours in Popular = =
Because of accompany Annie
to buy her stuff.
Than , we went yum cha
with San San , Joanne and others :D
I love them so much suddenly ~

Upcoming post,
Sushi Tei
My chio stuff :D

Thanks for reading ~
All pictures are taken from Jia Hui babe ~
Looking for her blog ?
Invited readers only :P
Thanks for reading ~


  1. how come u dont have classes till next year?
    u study where?

  2. Shazwan :D i study at those institute.
    non famous college , studying Lcci ..

    Justin : because i'm fat :( gotta work out la .. lol

  3. Kreavitz : Dint realize tim .. lazy to edit = =

    John : 3 person share .. i fainted when i saw the bill :P

  4. WoW!3 person for 163.15!..sakitnya wallet...