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Friday, October 29, 2010

come out come out

Anonymous Coward,
Could you please leave a comment here.
I so wanna see who you are.
This coward threw a comment on my
midori buffet @ fahrenheit post

Yea , im effing 'yim jim' (picky on food).
Yea , thats my problem.
Not the food problem.
Well , How's your tryout at there ?
Does it taste good ? Fresh ?
Tell me lah .
Wait what oh ?
No one ask u to trust me.
I'm just giving my opinion about it.

The sushi there were really
fucking not fresh okay !
We are the consumer !
and paying for this amount
to get non-quality food ?
Being Picky as you said is wrong ?
Don't tell me you never complain about foods!?

I don't take your sentences as joking.
It's not Funny you know ?
Just leave a comment here
Anonymous , i wanna see how not
Picky face you are .

Don't understand whyyyyyy you
wanna be anonymous, be yourself.
Dare to write but don't dare to admit huh ?

Sign up an account lah
It's freeeeeeeeeee u know ?


  1. Maybe he/she has an account that's he/she is so afraid that you know him/her. Nyeh!~ Heheh...complain about food is normal. not complain at all is abnormal..heheh

  2. aduii~~ don't care about those people la. Me sometime also damn hate people leaving message with any name or link==" They just want to come and kacau only.
    This person should be 1 of your family/relative or your best friend lo. i bet if he/she saw this also won't admit it, except he/she was ur friend/family. Your last part
    "Sign up an account lah
    It's freeeeeeeeeee u know ?"
    DAMN FUNNY LO weiii~!!

    and abit feel like how krez chat with me last time=="

  3. "Sign up an account lah
    It's freeeeeeeeeee u know ?"
    DAMN FUNNY LO weiii~!!