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Thursday, October 7, 2010


How would you react if you
meet back your friends that u hated so much
because she or he made your life so
damn miserable during school?
Or your enemy is going to marry your
sister or brother ?
Just like this movie.

I'm sure that everyone of u hate
someone in your life before.
But who do you really dislike until now
you could't forget what he or she did to you.
I DO !
I will never ever forget him.
I don't really mind talking about my past
and frigging shame stuff.
I'll laugh and angry whenever i think about this.
I'm form 1 that time.
A very innocent , childish , new to this world girl.
And im not pretty , always give people bully.
Criticism every where btw girls and boys.
During Chinese New Year season.
I sent a CNY card for this guy i admired.
And i (accidentally)(wooots) wrote my number there.
I pass it to my classmate ,
asked him to pass to him.
So that night , this form 4 guy (during that age)
called me , and he speak English only.
(my mother tongue is Cantonese)
Therefore , i spoke badly , real bad.
That Sucks ! Real sucks.
He asked me
Are you the girl who sent me this card ?
And i said yea.
He said Thanks .
I said Welcome and bye.
Nothing happened until school reopen
from CNY break.
This guy (E) and his bunch of jerk friends
came and find me,
through somebody's help.
He asked this A guy to call me out.
And yet i went out.
E & friends saw me.
And laugh out LOUD until the whole
floor could heard it.
Than E's friend , is this that girl who sent u this card ?
Wah , pork chop ohh. (means very ugly)
This is still nothing until i heard
his girl-friends said that i'm
frigging CHEAP.
They said it
Hye i was like,
I just gave him a card ?
(not kissing or having sex with him)
And that's cheap action ?

Wah , just like this picture.
I'm fresh to school but one day,
this girl came out of no where
splash something dirty on me
Therefore , i think i'm famous btw
those bunch of peoples.
It's like now everyone know
Oh , thats the girl who sent an CNY card to E !
And Girl X said she's cheap.
More over , there's a teacher named Teacher C.
She knew about it too.
And her motor mouth tell other teacher about it.
More famous among teachers. WTH
As i grew older , i was thinking.
Why did i gave this card to this ugly guy ?
So he graduated 3 years early than me.
And i was like Thank god ,
i doesn't need to face him anymore.
Until this year.
I meet him at GYM in Sunway Club.
Wah i was like , wtf .
Plus im wearing my school sport shirt.
God , are you playing me ?
There, i think about my past again.
And so does he. ( i think )
I quickly finish my work out.
and go back . FML
Until now , i never work out in the gym.
Thanks to him.
Never wanna see him anymore
although this thing past so long ago.
If you wanna say that i'm the one
who create this problem out.
Yes i did , but who knows anything
when they are just Form 1 ?
Haven start to know anything yet.
Why those seniors so frigging mean ?
Why wanna bully a fresh lil girl ?
And she's only Thirteen !
And yea , from that day onwards
i never ask for numbers or what.
never find boys to chat
And that's my habit now.
I'm not friendly in any form
except people who really know me.
My mobile phone can stand whole week
without charging . WHY ?
Because i never use phone
and no people find me to talk or text :(
Pity me huh ?
I never make the first move.
And yes , that's me.
Thanks to E , i become more
secure for myself.
PLUS i wanna be prettier compared to last time!
i want to be prettty and sexy :P !!!

Thinking about this movie ?
Don't hesitate ,
Just watch this trailer then you'll know.
Release date : 21October2010

So , who's the one who made you hate him/her the most.
(I can't think of any except him and
the one who criticize about my mum)
And i could't believe that im saying this out.
What about you ?
Don't be shy to talk :P
Let's share this together...

Stay tuned :D


  1. ho ho ho. You had a crush on a jerk?
    So cham.

    I think you shouldn't let that experience discourage you from making new friends. :)

    Oh and good luck on the movie. :)

  2. Shazwan : :D
    Kelvin : i don't really had a crush on him .
    im still young :P
    Yea , i hope too but im really bad in socializing.
    Thanks ~

  3. i tod ds movie is so boring one. must watch yey!