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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard

Located at Puchong.
IoI Boulevard , next to Pacific Coffee.
Expensive than Sakae Sushi & Zanmai
The food din't come out as i thought that
it would be frigging delicious.
And the money that we paid
doesn't worth it.
Hell expensive for me.

Menu stinks , change it please.
I don't even wanna capture the front page.
Ugly cardboard.
Green tea
I don't understand why
most of the Japanese Restaurant
give us these wood chopsticks.
It's not nice to use wood as
what if the wood thingy came out
without our knowledge
and it's like we're eating wood with sushi - -
And i think it's not hygiene enough
if u did watch how they create these
wood chopsticks in China.
Disgusting man.
I like this plate :D
The only salmon sushi
i would like to eat is at Sakae's
because it's so cheap
than elsewhere (RM1.90) for 2 at Sakae's

*won't be stating the price for it
because i scare i write wrong amt ,
its like so long ago.*

*The prices maybe wrong*
Based on what i remembered.

RM7.90 ?
Unagi rice RM28 ?
oOo-ing expensive.
Not worth it and there they stated
many people ordered. bullshit .
Too spicy.
Mine , the beef too Sweet.
RM26 ?
Sis , beef RM28
She say too salty.

Food 2/5
Service 5/5
Ambiance 4/5
Price 2/5 (not reasonable at all)

I still think Sakae & Zanmai
is the best among the best based
on price , quality & taste.


  1. LOL. Not all wood chopstick is bad lah.
    If it's properly manufactured with great wood, then you'll get quality wooden chopsticks. When you tear it apart it wouldn't fall apart so easily. :)