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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Some Facts about me when i'm driving.

-I like to jokes while i'm driving
-I complain about reckless drivers
-I do not flip signal when i sense no danger or when i'm angry !
-I flip signal because i'm not a Retard like you
-I slow down to see accidents is because i care about the victim
not because i want to kepoh about it.
-I scold vulgar words to them because they sense no danger while their driving recklessly and wanted to hit me !

I don know why Malaysia product so fragile and expensive lor. Tak paham lor.
You see , in other countries like Japan , America , and etc their car f. cheap lor.
A Vios selling in Jpn only cost around 30+k. Here in Malaysia need 70+k.
Why ??? Why so unfair ??? Some more why cars like Persona those so expensive and yet not that good quality ? Why need to be that expensive to buy an imported car ? Why everything gone up and the only one thing still remain the same is OUR SALARY !
One month deduct this that expenses , where got enough money to save ?


Ps : I know why those car so expensive lah .. no need tell me .. i just scramble my feelings out.

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