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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just back from Maison kl.
Don't who the hell so Cheapskate!!!
Touch my Ass ! Fuck u
I go club not because of want let you cheap guys touch !
I go there to Enjoy night life , Music & Dancing with my babes !
Not let you motherfuckas asshole touch.
The incident was like this ,
I was very tired and got down from the
girls dance stage then some cheap boys
touch my butt and i look back and they act like
nothing happen !!! Wtf !!! Want touch go chicken stall !
Then luckily got my friend,
ask him to accompany me back.
Why those guys so cheapskate leh ???
Don't understand !
If i know who, i gonna slap 9 him.
Think i don't dare ?
It's just that just now too many guys.
I can't see who !
I straight away look back(with angry face)
and see who the hell dare to do it,
unfortunately i could't see who.
If you say go club is like that,
I don't agree you.
Why go club need to give boys touch ?
What rule is this ?
Remember me !
Don't simply touch me !
Don't simply touch me !
Don't simply touch me !
I hate it !
I hate it !
I hate it !
I'm a freak i know.
So ?
What would u feel when someone unknown molest u ?
I curse u motherfucka who touched me !
(if i don't look back he sure touch longer)

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