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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Still got half year to finish my LCCI course.I don't know what should i do. I really want to continue study because i don't know what i can do with only that cert. And i don't know where to continue because if i study at places like Taylors , Sunway or Inti it will burden my mother cause initially i had already wasted 10k on studies (my previous studies at Inti, DBAD). Some more i does't want to study things like Malaysian studies. It will waste my mentality and money. So i prefer to study only that course like what i'm doing now. Although it is not recognize for many of you , i believe you will recognize when i finish the course and get a cert from LCCI itself. I feel that studying in places like i'm studying now makes me more hardworking then studying in inti.
Stop here cause since i haven't pass all my subjects yet , i should't think about my future. Hope i can pass all the subjects :) 4 more to get the cert :D !!
I'm lazy until i got only 16/100 for my BKA II trial test.
13days more to my Real exam.

A picture of current me.
Fringe getting longer duh
tata <3