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Sunday, May 1, 2011

stupid me

我刚意识到,我应该分享所有香蕉外面真酷 !那就是...呵呵是啊...如果你知道我,我是一根香蕉。我不知道如何编写普通话或阅读普通话。然后我刚才发现这个超级令人敬畏的应用程序,可以以普通话翻译英语。呵呵是啊...我现在用它 !希望你明白尝试写入...只是在案件中,你不懂。这是英文版:

I just realized a really cool thing that i should share with all BANANA'S out there ! It's this .. oh yea .. if u know me i'm a banana. I don know how to write mandarin or read mandarin. Then just now i found this super awesome app which can translate English to mandarin. OH yea.. i'm using it right now ! Hope you understand what i'm trying to write ..


They say google translator very inaccurate one. Don know leh.. hehe
I know i'm like a girl from the jungle -________- don know got this kind of app to use .. wtf

Bye bye !

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  1. LOL~ damn funny weii!! damn tht app gt prob d loL~