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Monday, May 23, 2011

Maison night

Pictures show you everything right ??
Hell yeah !!

Sexy ?? :P
Wanna wear this one but in front not nice.
So nope :)
Look like lala muii >.<
3 of us <3
Annie babe !
I like this <3
But she like this <3
Tuck poh bro !
Nesty :D
Danny ~
Leslie :)
Joanne babeeeeeey :D
With best dancer !
She's hawwwttttt !
Tata Ng :D
Tai xi ~
Ah lai :D acting cute .. haha
Hate this - - but only one.
Carol babee :D
I Can't see my boobs .. wtf
Another one :D
I like this picture so much !!!
I look nice there ..

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