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Monday, June 18, 2012

Taiwan Day 1

My 9 days 8 nights Taiwan trip.
As you can see obviously we flew there by AIRASIA.
7guys 2
6 not so close with me. worse ? yes
1# Had nasi lemak pak nasser.  don't mention about it.
Look at the beautiful sky.
I wanna touch the clouds !
Can u see snowflakes ?
Seriously i can ! Am damn happy to see it.
Really nice !

After 4hours plus.
We reached Taoyuan airport.
Took a bus to high speed train.

MYR150++ for a SEAT ! damn expensive !
but it's fast ! damn fast ! 
You can eat , sleep inside.
 reach after about 2hours at kaohshiung. 
 don so happy yet cause we haven't reach yet.
Came to the wrong place and gotta take MRT/LRT
whatsoever to our hotel.
Walked like about 10-15minutes to our hotel from the station.
Damn this trip is about walking

After checking in , we went to the nearest PASAR MALAM.
It looked nothing like HATYAI's pasar malam
(lee garden there)
except there's not so many tall building surrounding it.
No picture sorry.
And as u can see , i'm a banana.
I donno how to read mandarin
so i can't tell u what pm we been to. 

So we had this really mini mihun
 Can u see how mini is it ?
Not so nice but acceptable.
 EVEN our chair and table are mini.
So cute
 pork internal organs they sell.

After this we went back to hotel and
there're so many 7 eleven there.
i like to visit their 7 eleven because 
they got everything we don't have !
HELLO KITTY merchandise
sushi , bento , etc !
damn fucking awesome u know !
One of the thing malaysia don have
 can add mee tim.

I think in this world , malaysia's 7 11 are
the worse. Only got nasi lemak , mee and
some cold fish balls. zzz
Why u no awesome ?
I want sushi can ?
Part two tomorrow

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