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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most suffering day

It was last Sunday, my first day of period. It was not the first time i got stomach pain but several times these years starting at the age of 20. But those pain are bearable. This time after i had my nasi lemak from jalan imbi as my breakfast, i started to felt pain all through my stomach. Thus i asked my lil bro (elder bro dint came to work) to buy the pink panadol which is only for pms use. Ate 2 tablets of it and no use at all!  I felt like I'm dying i think it was much more worse from dying!!  Unbearable pain!  Sleep can't sit can't!  A little bit of cold also can't!  Vomitted four times! first i vomitted water,  water and then some rice and at last all rice. Whenever i drink water, i will vomit it out. After vomiting i felt much better. I donno how to describe the pain. Its nothing u can do to make it feel better. This pain had gone me nuts for about 2 hours.  Therefore i think its either the period gone me crazy or the dirty nasi lemak. Mum said i had wind inside. Sigh .. hope this won't happen to me anymore.

Truly pain.

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