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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Caroline's Twenty one

My GREAT GREAT GREAT bestie from
Primary School !
ALMOST 11 Years !
Best Girl Friend ever !! 
But we din't went secondary and college together.
Merely keep in touch but yes !
I still love her !
Thanks to her friendliness !
HER fucking grand cake.
 Bf and me and her !
 After her birthday party we went to G6 
Second round !
 stupid look
inside my friend's new VW 
Comfy chair. . hahaha
 Louis like a lou sai !
 drunkers ... lol 

Had a great night knowing new friends.
Happpy Twenty One babeeeee
Stay pretty ! 

**Fyi mentioning the word Fucking ain't rude to me. That's the way i feel excited for it.

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