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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taiwan Day 4 Kenting-Ximending

It's DAY 4 . Back to Taipei
We only spend one night in kenting
which i think it isn't enough at all.
And we live far apart from the main city
but because of the cheap room so yeah.
MYR33 per night per person only.
Nice environment.

Woke up earlier than the others as usual.
Went out to take a deep breathe 
and chat with the co-boss there.
While online. haaha
wifi available at outside our room.
Chat like about 15-20 minutes.
He was super duper friendly although
my mandarin (oral) sucks like shit.
Luckily he can bear with me -.-
if me , i will runaway . wtf
We talked like lots of things !
About taiwan , malaysia, safety and shits.
Had a real great time chatting with him
although we could't really understand each other.

I was learned that this place was designed by his brother.
Homey feel 
 Went to 7/11 again to eat !
Met a owner with husky
Took advantage of him !
He doesn't like to camwhore at all T.T
The owner is in the pic too !

 Had cheese rice as breakfast
Nice but i din't finish all because
i'm full after few scoops -.-
 head to the train station 
and sat the bullet train again.
Bullet train fucking expensive ok -.- 
Had late lunch the yucky noodle that i 
can't accept the taste.
Had 2 scoops and enough !
Buffet dinner at like RM50 per person
Beef , pork , etc
Haagen daz ice creams.
WTF ??? damn shok 
but i din't drink -.-
Anyway that's all  for day 4

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