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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taiwan Day2 - Biggest temple

 Promised u for Day 2 today.
There it is.
Hope someone are seeing this T.T
Or else my effort :( 

Hotel included breakfast so yeah.
Pork burger with egg and choice of your drink.
No milo , no coffee but milk tea or coke or iced lemon tea.
I cannot stand how their drink are all sweet and not healthy

Headed to the biggest chinese temple in taiwan.
Still under renovation.

Can u see how huge is it ?
And all the pagoda resemble something.
Can go in and see one
Din't really walk to the top because my friends all been to there
Taiwan dark choco.
Not a fan of dark choco

Than , we went to another temple next to it.
About 2-3minutes with the free shuttle car.
Not much of people because people rather visit the
other big new temple than this old temple.
But this temple are also very huge.
We din't really walk through everywhere.
And it was raining , therefore it's hard.
Three of us went only because
as u can read just now , my friends had already visited.
Nice right ? Like i'm in the dynasty chinese movie something.
Went into the museum and saw this big ball
with folded paper bird for wishes
and this is from Malaysia :)
After that , we went back to the new temple and
had a starbuck . Strawberry something
Not nice pun

After few hours , we took a cab and head to
somewhere i forget the name.
I think we went to the train station.
Bought this cold mee from 7/11
Not so nice only. Cold and abit sweet.
Reached our destination and find some famous snack to eat
which is also located at night market.
Rolled up prawn and donno what thing.
A pinball machine
Can u fucking see that ?????
Anyone watched why why love before ?
Damn they shoot the movie here.
Fuck damn i never think i can too come here.
wtf excited sial
Spot gucci !
Friendly staff !
They never look down u not like malaysia's ! 
(i mean visit without buying anything)

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