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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Party Animals

After trimmed my bangs i look like an underage kid that no guys would come near me during parties and i'm fucking sad. hahahahaaa damn

I really love partying since 17years old when i first stepped into Bar Celona. LOL !! So long long ago. I really loved the crowd (not filthy hamsap guys) The songs that beat that moment that friends. Arhhghghghghghhhh really miss party so much. The last party i went was 7weeks back with my ex-college friends at Velvet. Was really awesome tho. Had fun cause i'm kinda tipsy at the end. hahaha. Okay i'm a picky girl i only like to party at Velvet. And i listen to edm and trance (listening to W&W invasion ASOT550 anthem while writing) I also like to RAVE ! Love it cause of the madness of the crowd and i doesn't need to wear heelsSSSSSSSsss hahaha Don't ask me why i liked there , try to party there yourself.

Gonna write about guys in club next :)

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