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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Korean BBQ San Nae Deul @ Setiawalk

Since i'm kind of free from work now. I decide to write a food review for this korean restaurant near my house. I've been here three four times since their opening. The only thing that keep me coming back was their SEAFOOD SOUP in hot stone pot. Others were sadly lack of flavors. 

It's operated by koreans tho. There were on in Publika , in Oasis square damansara as well. 

Stir Fried chicken with some batter i guessed.
It tasted like frozen chicken with lots of flour.
And i gotta pay RM23 for it.
Comes with a white rice with sunny side up egg
and a clear soup.

RM60 steamboat thingy.
I donno what this called.
I think i should have ordered the seafood one instead cause
this tasted so bad (soup base)
There's 3pieces of pork dumpling ,
some rice cakes , kimchi , pork and tong fun.
This pot of soup doesn't worth that money at all.
I think my sister can make better then this.
Maybe Malaysians like me could't accept that taste

This is the Seafood soup that makes me come back for more.
At RM25 you can get lots of various seafood in it.
Crab, prawn , mussels , hard shell clams , squid and soft tofu.
That's my favorite of all dishes i've been eating.

No doubt , their bibimbap are not bad too.
The sauce were rich of flavors.
But as our currency money are dropping 
no more subsidies for sugars and etc 
they dropped the size of the portion compared few months back.

Yet after all korean BBQ food i found that DAORAE is the best of the best.
Fresh pork , great services.
No worries of trying new dish there cause all of it they make it to our taste.

Korean BBQ San Nae Duel
D-1-G Block D 

Verdict :
Food : 3.5/10 
Service : 5.5/10
Price : They increased it. 4/10
Ambiance : Not bad 

Sorry for the mobile phone quality. I'm lazy to bring my camera out. 

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