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Saturday, October 19, 2013

F Concept dining by Buffalo kitchens

Saturday brunch with ma babe <3 p="">
Though it was one month back i guess.
Gonna do a short review for it cause it's like 3.18am nao.

Their menu affirmatively short.
Not too many nor too little choices of food.
Easy to read menu and right the paper there it's their menu.

Wild mushroom soup.

Complimentary bread with olive oil

Beside our table further up a bit is their kitchen.
Yes open air kitchen which u would see what they are doing
throughout your meal.

Open air space.

Babe's dirty brunch
The scrambled egg wasn't cook enough.
It was still watery.
Hotdog was nice.

Mine healthy brunch cost at around
Consists of salad , fruits , beans, yogurt with oats ,
smoked salmon , egg with vege , hams , potatoes and mushrooms.
Love the yogurt and oats. 
Others was only so so

Price : consider expensive for brunch where as antipodean"s big breakfast only cost RM20
Ambiance : Love the design/nice for gatherings
Service was good.

Overall it was good but won't go back for brunch maybe dinner :) I see they serve foie gras too.

Their signature ladder all the way up.

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