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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

body art.

Today after class went to Yin Leng's academy to be her body art model.
Mum got angry cux after class i dint help out at shop. Haiz. She dint tell me that she dint cook today. Make me nothing to eat and i lazy to cook maggi/go out buy. Im eating junk food, baby tomatoes and a cup of milk. I have nothing else to say but keep it into my heart and let it explode one day. Dear went to CC and leave me here alone. No one to chat and nothing. pity me. but as usual he find me = no find me . He take a long time to reply my text and he got nothing to say. zzz. Dear cant u speak up ? 3rd time i say it out. 2times at Cameron and 1time here. Sometimes i need to be straight forward if not u wont know. Haa..lucky Yun cheng craps with me at msn. sorry late reply. hehe.
I need some care & attention. anyone?

that aint cool


  1. wah... ur BF so what de... dont even pui u a? = =" game for him is important? = =" if i am ur BF i rather chat with u better than play game luh~

  2. hello... pls la wei... she dont find u u cant find her meh? = ="

  3. hello... u gettin it wrong lar wei...