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Thursday, September 3, 2009

lost at highway.

what an unlucky day. as normally i use summit toll to go college and i always use the fast lane but today they put the divider there and made me lost my way to college. wtf. On the way of no where i pass by the road that we used to go ipoh the other day. Than i followed the sign board that show subang jaya . And walla we reach college on time=) . Lucky i dint use the way to go Shah Alam or else we skip the acc class. I was so happy that i found SS15^^ and captured the picture of the signboard. So guys remember to follow the signboard if u are lost.
When im lost = i kept laughing . Le Anne said u still can laugh ? lolx
= wanted to call my mum but dint cux she's still angry.
So till now 8.08pm no a single of my family member know that im lost this morning. zzz

nothing to do . break time

After the acc class, we went to sunway for movie . Final Destination 4 . If compare to 3 i like 3 more. Cux 4 its like so fake but horrible. Ate Ajisen Ramen forget to upload the picture. Gonna watch 2nd time if the plan is on.

Final Destination 4.

Dinner time . Donno whats wrong with my dad = = . He help to wash dish just now.
Wow . 3rd day of english class. POSTPONED . wtf . Called my mum for 3 times she dint pick up until i went back home i think she asked my sis to call me back. I just wanted to ask her whether i should go back to shop a not at 4pm but she dint answer so i went back home instead. Guess she's still angry me but just now i asked her something she was like 'sweeet' yes.


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