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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday 11/9/09


That day went out with dear after dinner. Planned to watch Where got ghost or The ugly truth but the cinema were so crowded and cant even have a chance to watch cux all the movie was full house. I was like . . . Than we went to Summit instead. 2nd time movie at there. 1st time watched kungfu panda . Than now Gamer. We watched at the THX room . At 1st i dono that cux i seldom watch movie at GSC. Their popcorn sucks. I tot it was room 2 but found out it was wrong and than dear asked that ticket taker and he asked twice = = only we know where is it. The cinema is great . The screen is big and comfortable except for the stain at the couple seat. If buy normal seat also can cux the seat there are slightly bigger than the normal ones. After the movie we went to MCD to have our supper. Had their porridge . 1.5/5 doesnt taste good at all. What i taste was only ajinomoto. huhhhhh.

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