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Sunday, September 6, 2009

San Francisco Steakhouse.

San Francisco Steakhouse.
Set Lunch promotion RM16.90 or RM16.50
1.Soft drink
2.Soup of the Day
4.Main Course.
Taste like . . . dono how to say.
Dear's Chicken . . .
Fillet . . .
3/5. Tasteless

Its Saturday. Normally Saturday doesnt go out. With my Dear, Joanne , YL, Winnie, and her cousin. Dear and me reach MV abt 1440. Than straight away ate our lunch cux scare no time.
The movie starts at 1530. Guess what we watched? . . .
Final Destination 4 again but in 3D
This time i accompany dear and my besties watch but we sat damn far away. zzz . makes no difference than we watch ourself. After movie went back home. And abt 2100 Joanne came and fetched me. Went to Mei Kheng yong tau foo to meet Kar Meng & Tupai up. Wei Khang show up.
I haven have my dinner yet and i suddenly said that i wanted to eat MCD. So we went to Tesco MCD drive-thru. Had my dinner at her car.Had Happy meal nugget. lol. 1st time bought happy meal to eat. got free stuff too. Free toy = = After that we went to Friday's night market there. Than yum cha at BK3. After yc, Joanne fetched Tupai and Tai Xi to Sunway. They watch FD4. About 0000 reached home. What a great and sad night. zzz .
Wei khang.
wtf. i looked so retarted and fat.
long lost friend. tata


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