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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Reached home about 4something.
Plan to study managing human relations but end up FB-ing.
ishh .Tomorrow test 1.
Till now i still don understand wth is that lecturer talking abt.
Her class was sooooooooooooooo f-ing boring.
Even the acc class is more more better than her's although acc's lec is a nerd.
Went to sunway to have our brunch . @@

Last week i went out whole week except monday but all at night.
Lucky still haven get scolded from them.
3days with my dear.
2days with my siblings.
1day with my babes.
So, to avoid getting scolding from them , need to reduce this week.

Been using alot of money this month. Sien .
Always like this. Got money than use.
Need to change my attitude.
Dint buy anything but used it on food . crazy huh .
Some more lately we always ate our lunch at sunway cux dono where to eat at subang.
This month got 2 friends birthday.
need to buy present and pay for the food and activities.
Than next month Annie's birthday. my money . TT

Ohhh yea.. today is 1 of my sis's birthday. Sum yee happy birthday =) although i wished u at Fs only , im sincered. Should text u too huh but i don want. zzz.

hating on the club

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