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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

wednesday 9/9/09

After class , went to shop than an hour later went to Joanne's house. Gathered on that day. Joanne made blueberry cheese tart. i helped to put the flour and butter and cheeeeeeeese . She's making 200 cheese tart for her college charity drive.

Food fair on this Thursday17/9/09 at Sunway College.
12pm till 3pm.
Anyone interested?

Than after an hour i fetched my sis from tuition and went back to shop. They planned to go Cheras's pm on that night. Unfortunately no one knows how to go. So we called some boy-friends to ask whether they are going a not. And they are going tooooo. So we followed their car. Got 4 car altogether. 1st car Kok wah . 2nd car chee wai . 3rd car kar meng and the last one was mine. I fetched 5 of my babes. So scare that it will BLAKKKKK . I drove damn slow when there is a bumper even it was low ones. Had a great time with them especially the time while we're waiting for Kar Meng's car to come. Mee gee , Ah San , Joanne , Yin leng , and Kah sing. Every one of us are gaining fatter and fatter except for yin leng. About 9 something only reach there. We were lost after the U-turn. All of them dono went to where. But Kar Meng's car followed us and let him !#!#@$@% cux wrong direction . I was like what the. He know the direction why he don want to bring us. It was hard to find a parking slot there . We parked at the housing area. About 1045 we went back home but without Joanne & Yin leng cux they went to Hulu Langat. They farewell Tupai on that day. He went back to Taiwan to cont his studies. Good luck.

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