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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cameron highland.

Went to Cameron Highland at 30-31/8/09 with family. We went to Ipoh Saturday night. No planning at all. Suddenly said wanna go back hometown sleep a night than only go Cameron. Make us so rushed to do this and that. I cant sleep well at there. 4am i woke up and slept at living room cux i cant stand the air-cond. It was too cold. Than abt 5something i went into the room and slept back. Than 6am woke up and took a bath. About 7something where everyone was ready we off to eat. After breakfast we went to Kampar and bought some food for steambot at night. We off to Cameron . Reach there abt 1pm. Need to wait until 2pm to check in. Went for a drink. Checked in at 2.30pm . Relatives reached at abt 3pm.Its like 20person stuck in a double storey house. Abt 5something dear and me find Annie and her gang at Gunung Brinchang. Felt like trapped . zzz . The hill was fucking high and have ntg to see except the weather there were cold. After that we went to Blue Valley to have our dinner there. Its like 45minutes back to our hotel or what so ever.

Heading to Boh Teh farm but too many car and we get stuck at there for about 20minutes.
And we get to see nothing in the end.

Fight for your space.

The hotel/wat so ever
RM450 per night
with 4rooms and 3 toilets.

mushroom found beside the car porch.

Dinner with Annie babe and gang.
The next morning. Woke up at 6am something and took bath at 6.30am.
puuuu. the water was so cold. Abt 11am we check out from there. We headed to a farm. On the way, i saw police issue-ing summone for those car that parked illegally. WTF . I think they nothing to do. Its holiday and they should rest too. And please la let us play happily. After that we have a drink tea at Tea Shop. Than we head to the Waterfall and after waterfall we have our dinner at Ulu Yam. ^^ Than went to the Hot spring. And back.
Strawberry cheesecake.

Me & dear ^^

yao yao.

end this post with my leg. hehe

bye bye

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