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Thursday, December 9, 2010

i like to spend on what i want :(

What's your spending habit like ? Every month need to shop to satisfy yourself ? I fail in controlling my spending habits. I like to buy useless stuff. That's all i want but not need. What i really need is nothing , seriously. I got all the things that i wanted but i can't satisfy myself so i keep on buy buy buy until my bank gone zero. Not zero now , i'm aiming for a luxury bag. Well , i think , once in a life time , where you can have the ability to buy it , you should buy one. That's what i think . Sometimes i wanna kill myself for being regret for what i had use or buy unnecessary stuff. These below are what i had bought this two months. And yet , there were more that I din't post.
Pedicure @ Sunway , RM53.00
Love being pampered , i enjoyed :) And this last for only 4 DAYS ! FML . Because after this , i Gotta wash it off ! Whole thing !! Because i'm helping my friend to be her facial model. That includes pedicure , manicure , facial , waxing. Facial and Waxing , i never do it before. Okay , i'm the one who promised her and i shout like a stupid here ? hehehe . I pity my money , RM53 . damn. fuck. But my friend promised that she will help me to color it back .. hmmm .. Seriously i dislike this color -_____- That shop (where i did my pedicure at) it's too dim. Therefore , the color i saw , it's like Red pink . Than after the session , i was kinda shock. It's fucking Pink. FML.
RM9.90 each @ Beauty Credit.
RM5 each @ Elianto.
Actually i was looking for Sally Hansen's nail color. But they discontinued in Watsons. Therefore , i buy it here. Hoping it will last long but that promoter said it won't and it only last for 1 week. wtf. meh
Ipanema @ beside Studio R. RM35.90
New shop (feature at TheStar paper today)
I planned to buy Crocs actually. But due to their services were bad , (no one serve despite only 1 customer) I wanted to buy a really durable yet stylish sandal. Crocs don't have . Mad ugly their style. Plus their services sucks (狗眼看人低) i don know how to say it in English. Biasa lah .. we low class people can't afford to buy Crocs sandal. Whatsoever. An unrelated 狗眼看人低 case, last Sunday i went into LongChamp with my friends. There were no customers there when we stepped in. (Those staff there were chatting & kepoh-ing) Din't even wanna bother us. Then after few minutes , some aunty using LV bag came in , those staff there greeted Good Afternoon. WOW , What this means ? I don't fucking understand why on earth those people act like that ! If you fucking bring your parents there , those staff will act like a DOG , serves you better. If you're with your friends especially me , wearing cheap attire , They fuck u also gila. (That's what my friend told me when she asked about the Coach bag , the staff din't even want to speak to her until her father came in and say that bag nice. Then that staff acted like a Dog follow u here there) Sigh . People like me can't buy branded bags ? I want to buy but your fucking attitude made me think twice whether i should buy a not . Fuck you people who uses 狗眼看人低 this attitude to work . One more thing , you're just a Worker there. Idiot.
Gucci Envy me @ RM167.
Wtf , this cologne kills me 99 . I like it so much. That day we were buying present for my friend. Tried tons of perfume and cologne , then i smelt this. Wow ! I totally in love with it ! Love at first sight :) I bought it back ~
Eye make up remover & Mascara from
Majolica Majorca.
I hope they never disappoints me. Haven't try it yet. Bought it yesterday at Watsons. Never like to buy cosmetics there cause no sales persons to recommend products . Sasa never sell this brand. Force to go Watsons if not i can gain my RM80 chop :( wasted.
Lace singlet @ RM15
Cheap mad ! Bought it at Sg. Wang. Behind of this singlet is laces , look very sexy. Lol , i thought i will dare to wear it out then i saw some girls wear it. Looked quite 'lala'. Still thinking where i should wear it. Hmmm
This Jacket from Uniqlo @ RM79.90
This is awesome ! I love the quality although it's made in China. Nice and Comfy ! One word Best!
I deleted my heels picture :( Maybe next time
Good Night

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