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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Axian @ Bandar Puteri.

Craving to eat Axian for years . lol
Went there last Sunday with my bf
for brunch .
Must try if you're living around Puteri.

Went there around 3pm.
Sigh . I should be there at 1pm .
Thanks to someone.
Prices from RM3.00 - RM6.00
Quite pricey.
I went there several times ady.
This is the second time they provide this kind
of packed cutlery. What's the point of packing ?
To prove that only used once ?
Then throw it away ?
RECYCLE a bit please.
wash it and reuse again lor
Loh mai kai
Must try !!!
Siu long bao !!
I love it !!
Please don't order this.
Waste of money.
This pao is like so damn SWEET !
I broke this into half to take picture.
It booms and spilled all over my bag.
WTF . useless pao .

I highly recommend to you all if you're
planning to eat brunch or late lunch or tea time
at Axian's . Please don't because
they doesn't serve it hot.
All the above that we had ,
it was like cold but not very cold lah .
I can't say that's its warm.
It's like 70% cold lah.
Still can accept it.

Their service make me quite upset.
I'm so ddly . wtf . whatsoever.
They dint bring
out their fried dim sum for us to choose.
So we din't get to eat any of them.
All waiter/waitress so damn free
but don wanna serve us.
Some more , that time
there were not much of customers.

Brunch came up to RM42
I rather take this money to eat
Zanmai. IMZA ady ...

Food : 3.5/5
Ambiance : 2.5/5
Service : 2/5

Tired of my face already.
No new pictures of myself.
Damn sucks.
Camwhore phail .
What also phail.
SIGH . FML for being such an ugly person.
FML 9218416437632 times !!


  1. I tot "Lao Sa Bao" is one of the famous dim sum over there. I find it not bad arh.

  2. Yup .. It's one of the signature dish.
    Probably i doesn't like my dim sum to be sweet.
    This pao make me so full ... :D

  3. The Loh mai kai looks tempting.. mmm...