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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Randomly random :P

It's Tuesday .
And today is a public holiday.
Well , some people work , some not :)
For me , Family business mah.
Open until 3.30pm .
So fast close , what should i do ?
Wtf , bf working and he's now at PWTC.
Leaving me pathetically boring .
Therefore , i decides to make up and camwhore.
Waste products ! .. Meh !
Not that i din't ask my friends out.
I did okay. It's just no one is free for me :(
i ) Annie, outstation , enjoy babe.
ii ) Joanne , study for resit exam , good luck
iii ) Jia hui , She can't out , well i knew it cause Gerald there mah. lol
iv ) Caroline , Snowflake , Jom :) but due to
Jian Herng's not free , we cancel it off.
So basically , no one's free for me except Caroline ..
but due to Jian Herng's not free . We call it off :(
Hence, i camwhored.
Out of 338 pictures,
These are the chosen one.
Like i am . lol

this was on Sunday , Uniqlo's with my babes.
So this doesn't count.
#1 Red lips suit me ??
I like my eyes.. lol
It's tired to put heavy make up.
And some stupid , brainless people
will say u look like a ghost when
you spend so much time on it. wtf
#2 Should i wear this dress for dinner ?
Or clubbing ?
Tie up my hair or ? Which one nice ?
#3 Blurred :(
#4 my uneven eyes.
That's why i always cover my right eye.
My right eye is smaller.
Hate it :(
#5 Camwhored with D500.
Best camera in the world. lol
This pic , if only i know how to use photoshop.
Wtf , nose so big.
#6 i know this is like quite ugly.
showing off my lashes .
RM16 per pair and can't even push up
to double eye lid. wtf. Cheat
Don know why i like this picture so much.
Gonna post about what i had buy on the next post.


  1. It will be more interesting if u show up ur naked photo

  2. Macy : u naked first :) Interesting

    Wei Wei : Thanks :)