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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bukit Tinggi Trip

Welcome to Japan :D hahaha

Went to Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya @
Bukit Tinggi on 11th & 12th of Dec.
Since it's like so near from my house, my bf promised that he'll reach my house at like 9am. Then he asked me to call him at 8am. I called. Than no one Answer . Call and call and call. Since no one is picking up the phone , i than took a bath and get myself ready for it. After bath, i called again. NO ONE ANSWER AGAIN. Therefore i called his Dad , Mum & His Sister. NO ONE ANSWER TOO ! What is more worse ? His mum and sis off their phones. Wtf Can't even get through them lor. I was so annoyed and i almost did want to throw my phone away ! But at last i din't :) Why am i so crazy ? This is because we might be late for the trip or meeting up his friends late. I don't want to miss a thing lor. Some more i Hate him late ! Always late ! He never come over on time :( so sick about that ! I hate people late unless it's me. Cont the story. So finally i called his dad again , this time luckily he picked up ! Yay , wtfomg finally he picked up ! I even text his friend to ask for his house number. But no he don't have it and he's in China . wtf .
1st : doing this fuck up face ! angry ! Grrrrr
2nd : Wtf . Jam everywhere.
3rd : I painted it my own :) hehe
4th : Jam till i no eyes to see.
1st : Finally we reached :) at almost 1pm.
2nd : Walking up to the Japanese Village.
3rd : Headed to the Japanese village to eat.
4th : Flowers with some bugs on it.
Saw a very Huge and long size Caterpillar !
Everyone checking out !
Camwhore session.
Breathtaking !!
At night , there were some fire performance.
I like this :) Taken using TX5 !
Cantiknya .. hehehe
I like this too .
Taken by my bf using Canon 500D 50mm lens.
Perfect man out of 5456421487874 shots.
Walked around and saw this.
It's swiftlets . So many !
I think it's horrible lor..
Their nest located inside the car park!
Was feeding this black Swan.
It come over to eat the food that i feed.
Whenever i captured the pic of it
using Flash , it will swim away.
Went up to the tower to get the perfect shots.
Not me. haha. it's Savio.
Nice ??
Bokeh ! Hearts. hehe
Christmas tree with lotsa love.hehe
Take one and conquer the world !!
Sony . Delighting u always.
TX5 bb here say Goodbye
Merry Christmas to all of u.
And for the Buddhist , Happy Tong Yuen festival.

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