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Friday, December 10, 2010


Update again :) So hardworking man.. lol .. On leave today because i got 3 stuff to do. First one, be my friend's facial model as i told ya yesterday. Second , buy Jia hui and Ederick's present. Jia Hui , sigh , could't believe we bought u that. Wtf . You will shock !! Very regret we choose that as your birthday present. Please don't don't hate it. I know u will like don't like lol . Cause i can't accept that lor. Omgwtf . hehe . And and , i meet my ex-college mate. Hehe Yumi !! She damn slim and leng now :) Keep on the hard work but must take care of yourself.

Kinda nice right with this red-orangee lipstick from Cybercolor (dual purpose). hehe. Kinda love it. Better then my red lipstick from Revlon. The quality sucks. (Too glossy). After finish the facial session which includes waxing on the armpit & leg. Wtf lor. Only can wax one side ! The other side we eat our own !! zzz Thus, while waiting for Annie , i went to Pyramid and do the other side waxing. Cost RM15. They said can last quite long like 1 month (depends on how fast your hair grow). If really can last one month i tell u girls where to do. Wtf . Can stand one month without plucking or shaving. So easy !!
It's me, Annie & Yumi babe !! Playing in Kitschen. See i buy again ! Bought 3 tops today. and.......(scroll down).........................................TADAA AAA AAAA !!!
It's MAC tartan theme eyeshadow which cost me big bucks !! Guess how much. Aiks. Who ask me to love their product ? This palette comes with 6 shadows. Natural color. Brown shades.
So class !! Lol
Looks like my Kate brown Palette lor.. I din't try when i buy this. See the color so nice.. lol
FINALLY !! They got stock !! I went in thrice , they always say no stock no stock. Gonna buy matte eyeshadow soon but only 1 color lah.. That sales person say can use as eye brow color. So good !! But insufficient money so can't get it now. That's all for today. Wanna sleep for tomorrow's trip :) Good night ~

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