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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

to you out there who celebrates this
Special Day with your loves one.

But not me :( I would be alone. And i myself need to find some plans to do on that day. This Christmas Eve going to celebrate it with my relatives but not going to stay too long because i'm afraid of the dark. On Christmas day, might be hanging out with my babes or no. Sigh . Christmas day sure very pack. Hate it. Shopping malls pack also never mind , i hate it when i could't find a Car Park ! Like my bro, he went to Pyramid last Sunday , he spend just 40minutes to find a car park. I too had that experience. I spend 30minutes to find it ! Damn. Waste Fuel lor ! So should i just stay at home ? Wtf. Even my Sis got plans for Christmas.
Why i got no plans ? hmmm
Because my BF is going PD with his friends on 24th & 25th. Leaving me alone to celebrate Christmas :( Sigh . Some more my parents will leave Malaysia on 24th :( My friends ? One Word Lazy. I always asked them to hang out. They will reject. All not free or what. Well some are some not. Mostly reject lah. Sigh. Pity me right ? Ok ok . I think i'll treat Christmas as normal day like today. NORMAL ! Freaking normal lah. Christmas only wad. One year once, so what ??? wtf . Not that i never been alone before.

Unrelated blog post about my blog.
Last time i use to post about my Life , mostly Emo stuff. I don know why * * As time pass by , my blog becomes a Food blog , i talk more about food and with pictures of it and now lately with Address of the restaurant. Plus it's getting more. Still got about 5 Restaurants that i want to blog about. My life's post is like almost Zero post. No more Emo or Sad Post ! Did u realize ? Haha . might not lah but some of my real friends i think they realize about that because they read my blog since the day i blog ! They left me comments when i'm sad or sick (blog post). So Touch lor ! But since i started to blog about food , they seldom comment about it :( Sad
I think i should post food and about my life :) Although there's not much happenings in my life but i'll try to update about my life as much as i could ! Stop my emo stuff here :)
Thats all for now :)
everybody !

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