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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Last post i said i wanna post about Bokeh !
Here it is.
This Bokeh pictures is actually inspired by
She did it and i found it pretty awesome.
So i clicked this link in her blog
Teaches how to diy bokeh.
I did it cause i got the 50mm lens that
my bf gave me ~ Hearts it ~
Yyes i failed ! !
Than I seek my bf's help.
He's more good on doing this electronic thingy.
And i don't pay attention on it. lol .
Or maybe the english is just too deep.
I don't effing understand. !
Credit to my bf who did it !
He teaches me how it works
and so on ~

Gadget : 50mm lens F1.8
Paper & tape.
Cut the paper any shape u want.
My heart shape so effing ugly = =
Im not good in art la..
My first captured pic.

With my bf's help.
No lights in my house, just so so ...

Too near.

Finally ~
Isn't amazing ? lol
love it so much la..

isn't it prettttty ??

Suka sia ~~

All my hearts for my bf !