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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midori Buffet at Fahrenheit 88

Hye My lovely reader :P
MIA for few days because
of some sort of thing i gotta do.
And need to finish my homework later.
I wish i could have more time.
Like 36hours a day ?
I'm not greedy :) i just need 36hours.

Last Sunday went to Midori Buffet & Steamboat Res
at Fahrenheit 88, new shopping center in KL.
Next to StarHill Gallery.
This shopping mall is still new.
And all the shops mostly occupied.
Just half hour i can walk finish the whole shop.
Or probably there's another side of it.
And there , they are selling clothes
for mostly teenagers like us
but i can say its all Sg. Wang & Time Square's
same type of clothes.
Maybe the quality is slightly better or smtg.
I'm not sure about the price cause i din't
go in and see.
Probably i got no mood to shop- -
Still feel very unfamiliar.
I 'think' it would be expensive then Sg. wang & TS
because of location and shop problem.

Went to Midori to celebrate my dad's birthday.
Din't give him pressie :(
Just treat him buffet dinner jer.

Promotion , buy 3 free 1.
RM 68 per person.
And free 4 mug of booze (heineken)
Not many types of sushi to choose,
Their sushi not fresh at all.
Only 2 types of soup to choose
-carrot soup . ew
-shark fin soup where i found no shark fin at all
I think they should give
us more varieties of soup .
Because i love soups :D
Other food like chinese food are
a lil salty.
They serve
-Raw oyster
-love their beef.
-Local cuisine
-Ice kacang
-Dim sum
-Haagen Dazs
And others , not much more.

Their service : 3/5
I ask one of the waitress
what's that in the bowl.
She dint answer me back
and turn away. WTF
They all look like foreigners.
China maybe.
They wearing Maid's attire.
Which i think it's like so ugly.

Ambiance : 4/5
Still okay la.
Quite small.
But compare to shogun ,
Midori look more relaxing.
And it's still new,
not many people.

If you ask me whether
will i be back for 2nd time .
I'll answer u NO.
I prefer Tenji when they are
having their promo.
+ Tenji 2 is opening in Puchong.
Damn , frig near lah.
No need 5 minutes i'll reach there :P

That's all for today :D
Stay tune ~
And gonna reply at chat box
as soon as i finish my things.
Bye :)


  1. U seem to have a tendecy to eat expensive stuff!!

  2. it seems the price is not that high. maybe will give a try this weekend

  3. i see ur face so yim jim..sure is ur prob nt d food..i dun trust u so i go eat 2nite..hahahahahahaha....

  4. Raikage : I thought we pay for what we eat ?

    Ron : Yea,, should try .. at least you know how it is..

    Anonymous coward : Hahahahaha .. thats your problem not mine . I'm just giving my opinion.
    How's your face like ? show it out please .