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Sunday, September 5, 2010

TX5 underwater usage review

TX5 reviews.
I used in the pool & sea.
Both sides color peeled off
and idk why.
It's a lil bit more slower then it works
after i used it inside the water.
That's the disadvantages of it.
But i'm like trying my luck tmr.
See whether they let me change or
they fix the color back.
Cause it's like under warranty.
And i called the Sony Center and abt it.
That chinese girl said i got to
bring it to check first.
Therefore im going Sony Center tmr.
Wish me luck guys :D
Wondering where did i put the card = =

Well the color is pretty for me.

Look at this picture .
Gorgeous :D
Both pictures i dint resize it
because i want to show you
how pretty is it.
If i resized it, this picture quality
and color will screw up by me.
So yea.

Good night peeps ~
Thanks for reading :)


  1. so how did it go?
    just got mine two weeks ago. same color.
    and i was really excited about its waterproof feature until i found out that its paint peels off once used underwater. does it happen for everyone? well as of now, i'm really loving the camera. still looks perfect and is working well.

  2. yeah, I do have this tx-5 red too. And it`s peeling. =/ it's really ugly. Did the store changed it for you? thanks!