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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Redang day 2

Day 2 is about snorkeling.
Snorkeled twice on that day.
First round was at The Redang marine park.
second was at the open sea.
Same place with the first day but different area.
Dint bring along my camera.
Because i saw color peeled off.
Thats why i dint bring.
Too much pictures of day 2.

Pale look.
After breakfast, we changed and headed to the sea.
My sis and I only.
So relaxing :D
Their sand are effing fine !
We can't collect them --
Will be fined if we collect .

Damn clear ! so nice
my eyes effing small

The way boys used to camwhore
The way girls used to camwhore.
True ???

Bawal putih .. sedapnya

Rainbow fish.

This picture so nice..just discovered it ..
captured by my bf..
all of it actually..
Purple creature.nice

my skinny toes and fatty legs

Bye BYe :D
After snorkeling,
headed down to swimming pool right away.
That's why im so tan now.
I smiled :D
My tummy looked flat !
But not at all actually - -

Stay tuned for day 3 :D